Male Acrobat

A male Acrobat.


Acrobats are ranged fighters that utilize Bows or Yoyos as their weapons. Arrows used for bows are consumed as they are used and must be repurchased once a player's amount of arrows has been depleted.

Yoyos have a shorter range than bows, but longer range than melee-ranged weapons. Both weapon types are two-handed, disabling the Acrobats' use of shields with their usual weapons equipped. Their yoyo attacks also have a slight chance of knocking the enemy back. Skills used with Yoyos equipped consume FP, while Arrow skills consume MP.

Acrobats also have the second available AoE skill (at level 50), Arrow Rain. However, because of this skill's long cooldown time, it is used in conjunction with other AoEs which have similar cool down times. Acrobat abilities include slowing enemies down, quickly shoot at an enemy, firing a barrage of arrows, shooting accurately with a bow, stunning opponents, making an enemy bleed (continuous loss of life for a few seconds), countering an opponent's attack, stealing the opponent's money, running faster, and turning invisible for a short moment.

Acrobats can become Jesters or Rangers at level 60.


Skill Name
Fast Walker
Character Level 18
Pulling Level 3
Temporarily increases the user's walking speed. Has a 20-second cooldown.
Dark Illusion
Character Level 30
Fast Walker Level 6
The user turns invisible for a limited amount of time. Has a 20-second cooldown.
Perfect Block
Character Level 45
Dark Illusion Level 8
Increases the user's block rate. Has a 20-second cooldown.
Character Level 15
Pulls target enemy toward the player. Has a 10-second cooldown.
Slow Step
Character Level 15
A yo-yo attack that might slow down the enemy.
Yoyo Mastery
Character Level 20
Slow Step Level 3
Boosts the damage done by yo-yos.
Cross Line
Character Level 30
Yoyo Mastery Level 8
An attack that might stun the enemy.
Character Level 35
Yoyo Mastery Level 8
Steals penya from an enemy. Can only be used while in Dark Illusion and while standing behind the enemy.
Has a 20-second cooldown.
Counter Attack
Character Level 40
Cross Line Level 10
Deals damage to the target while evading the targets attack. Stuns target if successful.
Has a 6-second cooldown.
Deadly Swing
Character Level 50
Snitch Level 10
An attack that might inflict bleeding upon a target. Has a 3-second cooldown.
Junk Arrow
Character Level 15
Attacks four times in a row. Attacks are stronger but less accurate.
Bow Mastery
Character Level 20
Junk Arrow Level 5
Boosts the damage done by bows.
Silent Shot
Character Level 30
Bow Mastery Level 4
Delivers a stealth attack to the enemy. Currently, it appears to be broken.
Aimed Shot
Character Level 35
Bow Mastery Level 5
An attack that has a chance to deal double damage to the target.
Auto Shot
Character Level 45
Silent Shot Level 9
Attacks four times in a row. Weaker than Junk Arrow, but will not miss. Has a 3-second cooldown.
Arrow Rain
Character Level 50
Aimed Shot Level 5
A storm of arrows damages all enemies within the area of your target. Has a 10-second cooldown.

Begginer Job
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Assist | Mercenary | Magician | Acrobat
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