Male Assist

A male Assist around Level 30.


An Assist is a support class in the game. Assists are able to cast heal and cast buffs. Assists are usually supporting characters who can cast and heal supportive spells or go offensive and use a knuckle. Using a two-handed Stick, Assists can cast various buffs to help another character or themselves in the game. By using Knuckles ar-ups, Assists can be self-sufficient. These variants of assists are the first class to acquire an AoE attack (Burst Crack), at level 28. Assist abilities include healing, hammering the ground to damage surrounding foes, raising stats temporarily of players, and resurrecting dead players. At level 60, Assists can become Ringmasters or Billposters.

There are several different builds that an assist follows:

Full Support: Also known as 'FS' for short, a Full Support Assist is one who spends points almost exclusively on INT. Because of this, their Healing spells are very powerful and their buffs last longer, however, they provide almost no combat support otherwise. Their ability to keep members alive through battles makes this build highly sought after by other players. This build almost exclusively resigns a person to life as a Ringmaster.

Area of Effect User: Also known as 'AoE' for short, an Area of Effect User takes advantage of the Assist's Burst Crack skill, the earliest AoE attack accessible by any class at level 28. These Assists usually raise their STR to a moderate range (30-50) and maximize their STA for optimum HP and FP. They then attract a large number of enemies within their attack radius and repeatedly use Burst Crack to kill them all at once, gaining EXP rapidly.

Combat Assist: These assists focus on the use of a Knuckle to strike their enemies down. They often focus on moderate STR, STA, and DEX. They use the primary offensive skills known to an Assist to take down their enemies with relative ease and little retaliation. They tend to see less EXP than an AoE, but have the advantage of being more capable of solo-ing for extended periods of time and can take down stronger enemies as opposed to multiple weaker enemies. They often give way to the DEX-based Billposters.

Combat Support: Often just referred to as an 'Assist,' these are the general assists that don't dabble in too much of either support or combat, focusing on balance. While they are generally pretty self-sufficient, the lack of focus makes them less useful to a party than an FS, they tend to gain experience slower than an AoE, and they aren't as 1v1 efficient as a Combat Assist.


Skill Name
Skill AssHeaHealin
Character Level 15
Recover the HP of a Character.
Skill AssHeaPatien
Character Level 18
Heal Level 3
Increases the Max. HP of a character for a limited time. Max effect: +200 HP.
Skill AssHeaResurr
Character Level 20
Patience Level 4
Brings a target back to life. Lessens the loss of experience of a player.
Skill AssCheCircle
Character Level 25
Resurrection Level 4
Recovers the HP of nearby party members.
Skill AssHeaPreven
Character Level 30
Circle Healing Level 4
Recovers a portion of the user's health when HP falls below 10% for a limited time.
At max effect, this restores the caster to full HP.
Skill AssCheQuicks
Character Level 20
Heal Level 3
Increases running speed of a character for a limited time.
Max effect: +30% run speed.
Skill Asshaste
Character Level 25
Quick Step Level 3
Increases Atk. Speed of a character for a limited time. Max effect: +25% attack speed.
Skill AssCheCatsre
Character Level 30
Quick Step Level 4
Increases Block % of a character for a limited time. Max effect +12% Block rate.
Skill AssCheCannon
Character Level 35
Cat's Reflex Level 4
Increases DEX of a character for a limited time. Max effect +20 Dexterity.
Skill AssCheMental
Character Level 18
Heal Level 3
Increases INT of a character for a limited time. Max effect +20 Intelligence.
Skill AssCheHeapup
Character Level 20
Mental Sign Level 4
Increases STA of a character for a limited time. Max effect +40 Stamina.
Skill AssCheBeefup
Character Level 25
Heap Up Level 4
Increases STR of a character for a limited time. Max effect +20 Strength.
Skill AssCheAccura
Character Level 25
Beef Up Level 4
Increases Hit % of a character for a limited time. Max effect +20% accuracy.
Skill AssKnuTampin
Character Level 20
Heal Level 3
Deals moderate damage to a target.
Skill AssCheStoneh
Character Level 25
Straight Punch Level 4
Gives attacks the chance to stun for a short period of time.
Skill AssKnuBurstC
Character Level 28
Stone Hand Level 4
Deals moderate damage to all enemies in a small area.
Skill AssKnuPowerf
Character Level 35
Burst Crack Level 4
Deals great damage to a target.

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