Male Billposter

A male Billposter.

When you reach level 60 as an Assist, you will be able to job change into a Billposter.

Billposters are the offensive second class of the Assist. Billposters focus on offensive skills rather than defensive and healing ones, but they retain their Assist abilities to heal and buff when they utilize a Stick. Billposter skills are executed by utilizing Knuckles. A Billposter's abilities include Asmodeus to raise attack power and the powerful Asalraalaikum attack that consumes all of the caster's MP, dealing huge damage when high STR and high MP are combined.

Gala-Net's official description of Billposters is as follows:

One of the two Assist second classes. Billposters are the most self-reliant class in the game, able to use their Assist buffs to increase their ability and endurance. When Ringmasters aren't available, higher levels will probably look for a BP to powerlevel, because of their buffs. Billposters are one of the few classes in the game able to equip Shields for an added defense bonus.


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Richer Billposters tend to use the rarer equipment available to them while less fortunate billposters make do with equipment purchased from NPCs. At level 105, Billposters tend to purchase a Rody / Rodey Set and the Legendary Golden Gloves to greatly increase their damage output with the large critical damage bonuses the combination grants.


All Billposter skills require a knuckle to use. If you remove your knuckle while a Billposter self-buff is active, it will immediately end.

Skill Name
Skill BilBelialSmeshing
Character Level 60
Power Fist Level 5
Sliding, crushing attack.
Skill BilAsmodeus
Character Level 60
Increases attack power.
Skill BilBloodFist
Character Level 65
Belial Smashing Level 2
Strikes a heavy blow to the enemy that causes it to lose health.
Skill BilBaraqijalEsna
Character Level 65
Asmodeus Level 3
Increases striking power while decreasing defensive power. Can be used on monsters.
Skill BilPiercingSerpent
Character Level 70
Blood Fist Level 5
Fires a piercing beam at the target. Has Area of Effect properties.
Skill BilGvurTialbold
Character Level 70
Baraqijal Esna Level 5
Strikes at nearby enemies with an outward shockwave. INT-based area of effect attack.
Skill BilSonicHand
Character Level 75
Piercing Serpent Level 7
Bgvur Tialbold Level 6
Several fast hits at once.
Skill BillAsalraAlaikum
Character Level 80
Sonichand Level 7
Fully concentrated strike. Consumes 100% MP.
Special Knuckle Mastery
Master Status
Boosts the attack power of a knuckle.
Hero Status
Removes all buffs from the target.

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