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When you reach level 60 as an Acrobat, you will be able to job change into a Jester.

A Bow Jester, unlike the other classes, is not a "real" class to say. They combine the use of Bows with the Jester's high critical hit rate.

To be specific, the Bow Jester first becomes a "Jester". This way, they will gain the critical bonuses of 4% more critical hit rate every 10 dexterity.

Then, with a bow, and maximum dexterity as a build (Sometimes a bit of STA for defense and HP) the damage will be low as natural damage, but the high critical rate will take effect and do almost triple damage, which can be substantial when compared to other classes.

However, some other players may not be so happy with the decision you have made. The criticism may be bad towards you, but the critical damage is outstanding.