There are five elements in the world of Flyff: Wind, Water, Fire, Lightning and Earth. Nearly all Masquerpets in Flyff are imbued with one of these five elements. Players can take advantage of this by attacking monsters with the element they're weak to (via magician spells or elemented weapons), or protecting themselves by imbuing their armor with an element.

Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses.Edit

The strengths and weaknesses of each element are as follows:

  • FireSmallFire
    • Strong against: WindSmallWind
    • Weak against: WaterSmallWater
  • WaterSmallWater
    • Strong against: FireSmallFire
    • Weak against: ElectricSmallElectricity
  • ElectricSmallElectricity
    • Strong against: WaterSmallWater
    • Weak against: EarthSmallEarth
  • EarthSmallEarth
    • Strong against: ElectricSmallElectricity
    • Weak against: WindSmallWind
  • WindSmallWind
    • Strong against: EarthSmallEarth
    • Weak against: FireSmallFire

The cycle could also be represented like this: FireSmall>WindSmall>EarthSmall>ElectricSmall>WaterSmall>FireSmall