Flyff, short for Fly For Fun, is a free MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) made by the Korean company Aeonsoft, a subsidiary of GALA Incorporated. As the name implies, this game features a free-form flying system. In this system, players are allowed to fly around the world on such things as flying boards and broomsticks and fight airborne enemies. It also offers a player vs. player system and 120 levels of character progression.

Game mechanicsEdit

Flyff's interface is similar to many other MMORPGs. Characters defeat monsters for experience points, which add up to level-ups and increased power. In the most recent version of Flyff, characters gain skill points based on their level, and get a set amount when they change jobs. Vagrant skills require 1 skill point per skill level, second class skills require 2, and third class skills require 3. Food can be used by the character to restore lost health, but has a cooldown time after each use (except seeds, from an event in 2006, which have no recovery time). Food dropped that are not available in food shops have 1.5 second of cool-down, while food shop items have 3 seconds. If a character runs out of hp, they die. Dead characters may respawn at the nearest town (Lodestar), at a predetermined location, get resurrected by an Assist with the Resurrection skill, or consume revival-type Cash Shop items to resurrect. Whenever a character dies without using a Resurrection scroll, a Cash Shop item, they lose a portion of their experience, and must ressurect at the nearest town unless resurrected by another player.

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