At level 20, any character may  fly for free such as a broom or board to fly around the world of Flyff. All require time to get onto and to accelerate to their maximum speed. Generally, the maximum speed is determined by the cost of the item, with the most expensive ones that can be bought with Penya reaching up to speeds of 218km/h. With Cash Shop items in the game, speeds of up to 276km/h can be reached, and GMs have a special board that can go 312 km/h. A character can dismount in midair and will fall until reaching the ground. Regardless of how high the drop may be, the character will receive no damage from the impact.

Flying CombatEdit

Also, one can choose to engage in air combat with flying monsters. Whenever a player defeats a flying monster, they gain normal experience as well as "flying experience" which allows a player to level up their "flying level." Some exp is also given to the regular player level, just as they would level up their player level. As flying levels increase, the time of summoning a flying item decreases, and the time taken to reach maximum speed while flying also decreases. However the maximum speed of the board/broom stays the same.

Types of Flying ItemEdit

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