A Guild is a collection of people that form a union and compete in events.

Guilds share many of the qualities of Parties, such as a private chat channel, a set leader with greater power then their members, the ability for the guild to level-up and unlock new functionality, and the ability to invite or boot members at will, but Guilds can do so much more that the comparison is almost unfair. There are five ranks - Master (1), Kingpin (5), Captain (10), Supporter (20), and Rookie (32). Guilds can duel with each other and trade amongst their own members. When you join a guild the name of the guild will appear above your character's name.

Things Guilds Can DoEdit

  • Guilds have a name which is displayed above the name of every member of it. The guild leader has the guild name shown in yellow, members have it shown in white.
  • Guilds have their own 'guild' chat channel, much like a party does.
  • Through donations of Penya and quest items, guilds can level up.
  • Guild members remain in the guild, even after logging off, unless they decide to quit or are booted.
  • Guilds can have, after a certain level, a logo which is displayed to the left of the names of the members.
  • After a certain guild level, the Master of the guild can create cloaks for members with the guild's logo on them.
  • Guilds can compete in guild wars with each other.
  • Guilds can bid to enter the weekly guild siege.
  • After a certain guild level, the Master can assign nicknames to members.

Guild RankingsEdit

The ran 5).

  • Captain (Max of 10).
  • Support (Max of 20).
  • Rookie (Max of 32).

Making a guildEdit

Requirements are:

  • At least 3,000,000 penya in your inventory.
  • Create a troup of three members who are not in a guild and have not been in a guild with in the past 72 hours.
  • Then talk to Helena to make your guild.

Guild SalaryEdit

  • A guild master can select how much penya is to be allotted for each rank.
  • Payment is every night at 12:00 AM (Server time).
  • The maximum salary is 999,999 penya.
  • If there is insufficient penya to payout salary payment is automatically canceled until there is.

Guild DismissalEdit

  • Only guild masters can dismiss the guild.
  • After the guild master clicks the dismiss button all guild activity stops for seven days.
  • Three days after that a guild master can reestablish a guild.

Guild WarEdit


  • Guilds must be higher than level six.
  • Guild members must be online.
  • Guild masters must be online.

What Happens in a Guild war?Edit

  • The Guild war will commence for two hours.
  • Guild members can kill the opposing Guild members anywhere.