Knuckles are powerful "gloves" used by Assists, Billposters and Ringmasters to compensate for the low offensive power of Sticks. They do great damage and have a good speed. They occupy only one hand; thus allowing the use of shields for protection. Thus, from a functional point of view there is little difference between a knuckle and a sword or axe. Some skills such as Straight Punch only work when a knuckle is equipped.

  • Rare Knuckles:

  • level 60 - Guardian Knuckle
  • level 75 - Historic Knuckle
  • level 75 - Lusaka's Knuckle
  • level 90 - Angel Gloves
  • level 105 - Legendary Golden Gloves
  • level 120 - Bloody Knuckle
  • level 120 - Vampire Knuckle
  • level 75-M - Lusaka's Crystal Knuckle
  • level 120-M - Ultimate Ancient Knuckle