A character leveling up.

Level is a representation of your advancement and improvement in Flyff. As in many other RPGs, you you gain a level when you get a certain amount of experience points from killing monsters or completing certain quests. For every level you earn, you get two stat points (Unless you are a master, in which case you will receive three) and a varying number of skill points, according to your level, used to improve your character.


All characters start as a level 1 Vagrant. Upon reaching level 15, players have access to their first job change, where they get to pick their first class. At level 60, players can change to one of two different second classes, based on their current job, making for eight total. At level 120 at 99.99%, players are able to become a master of their class, setting them back to level 60, resetting their stats, and cutting their exp rate in half. At level 120 at 99.99%, players are able to become a hero of their class, exchanging their golden M for a golden H, gifting them with 15 stat points as well. At level 130, players have access to their third and final job change. 

The maximum level a player can reach is 150.