Female Magician

A female magician.


Magicians are ranged spell casters that can deal large amounts of damage before the enemy has even had time to reach! The magician class can be chosen at the level 15 job change by completeing a quest.  This class uses spells and magic as well as ONE melee attack, which is the basic attack with a staff. Magicians use MP instead of FP


To cast any Magician skill, you must be holding either a wand or a staff.

Skill Name
Mental Strike
Character Level 15
A simple and ranged mental attack.
Character Level 30
Mental Strike Level 3
Allows the user to teleport to a nearby location.
Flame Ball
Character Level 18
Mental Strike Level 3
The enemy is assaulted with a ball of flames.
Flame Geyser
Character Level 25
Flame Ball Level 5
A fiery geyser spouts continual flames at the enemy.
Fire Strike
Character Level 30
Flame Geyser Level 7
The user shoots a fiery sphere at the target. Fire Strike causes damage on impact and then health loss for a limited
amount of time.
Character Level 20
Mental Strike Level 5
A basic ranged wind attack.
Character Level 25
Swordwind Level 5
A ranged air attack that moves the enemy.
Wind Cutter
Character Level 30
Strongwind Level 7
A powerful, ranged wind attack.
Ice Missile
Character Level 20
Mental Strike Level 3
Blasts the enemy with a missile made of pure ice.
Character Level 25
Ice Missile Level 5
The enemy is drenched by a waterball multiple times.
Water Well
Character Level 30
Waterball Level 7
Splashes the enemy and causes damage over time.
Static Ball
Character Level 18
Mental Strike Level 3
The enemy is struck by a ball of static electricity.
Lightning Ram
Character Level 25
Static Ball Level 5
Rams the target with a sphere of electricity.
Lightning Shock
Character Level 30
Lightning Ram Level 7
The enemy is blasted by a small but quick bolt of static.
Stone Spike
Character Level 18
Mental Strike Level 2
Stone spikes jab the enemy. This attack has a chance to stun the target.
Rock Crash
Character Level 25
Stone Spike Level 5
A boulder is hurled at the target.
Character Level 30
Rock Crash Level 7
The enemy is rooted in place and cannot approach for a limited time.

Begginer Job
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Assist | Mercenary | Magician | Acrobat
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Seraph | Force Master | Slayer | Templar | Arcanist | Mentalist | Harlequin | Crackshooter
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