Female Mercenary

A female Mercenary.

Mercenaries are a melee class that fight with swords and axes, but their weapons and techniques are more refined than the ones of their Vagrant predecessors. They also have the highest attack and defense out of all of the first classes. Mercenaries use Strength to increase Damage, Dexterity for attack speed, critical rate, and accuracy, and Stamina for increased defense and health. They do not require Intelligence for any skills. Mercenary abilities involve spinning about to shred enemies, slashing at foes to drain their health, spreading nets, and firing shockwaves at opponents from a close distance. All Mercenary skills require FP to use. A Mercenary can become either a Knight or Blade when they reach level 60.


Skill Name
Character Level 15
An attack that delivers two quick blows to the enemy.
Character Level 15
Slash Level 4
A spinning attack. Hits multiple times.
Special Hit
Character Level 30
Blindside Level 8
A single but powerful strike.
Bloody Strike
Character Level 20
Slash Level 3
A life-sucking attack that drains health from the enemy and restores your own.
Character Level 25
Bloody Strike Level 8
Reflects the damage of the target's next attack back at the target.
Character Level 30
Hit Reflect Level 10
A ranged attack.
Character Level 15
A skill that increases your shield's defense against melee attacks. Max effect is +20 defense.
Pan Barrier
Character Level 18
Protection Level 3
A skill that increases your shield's defense against ranged attacks.
Character Level 20
Pan Barrier Level 10
Restrains an enemy. Similar to Rooting and Satanology, but has a very high success rate and long duration.
Empower Weapon
Character Level 20
Protection Level 5
Temporarily boosts your weapon's elemental damage. Max effect adds +10 elemental effect.
Smite Axe
Character Level 25
Empower Weapon Level 4
Increases damage dealt with an axe as well as defense. Max effect adds +50 Additional Damage and +25 defense.
Axe Mastery
Character Level 30
Smite Axe Level 9
Boosts the damage dealt by an axe. Max effect is +100 Attack.
Blazing Sword
Character Level 25
Empower Weapon Level 4
Increases the damage and accuracy of a sword. Max effect adds +50 Additional Damage and +10% Accuracy.
Sword Mastery
Character Level 30
Blazing Sword Level 9
Boosts the damage dealt by a sword. Max effect is +100 attack.

Begginer Job
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Assist | Mercenary | Magician | Acrobat
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Seraph | Force Master | Slayer | Templar | Arcanist | Mentalist | Harlequin | Crackshooter
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