A party is a group of people who get organized and kill monsters together. If they are near to each other, they will share drops and experience.

Party basics Edit

Any player can create a party, by inviting other players, but this will only work if both of them aren't already in one. The player that created a party is called the leader, and he has the power to change experience and item distribution, and use party skills. He can also transfer his leadership to another member of the party. Members of a party can leave at any time. If only two members are left in a party, and one leaves, the party disbands, and any party points will be gone forever.

Parties have levels that can be raised in the same way a player does, by getting experience points from killing monsters. When a party levels up, it acquires a certain amount of party points, that can be used in party skills. Once a party reaches Level 10, it can be changed into an Advanced Party, and party skills can be used. More party skills will be unlocked as the party levels up.

Party skills Edit


Informs all party members of the location of the Party Leader.
Required Points: 0


Party Leader orders Party Members to attack a target.
Required Points: 0


Party Leader orders all Party Members to retreat.
Required Points: 0

Linked Critical

While the Party Leader and Party Members are attacking a target, the critical rate increases.
Required Points: 1

Linked Attack

While the Party Leader is attacking a target, damage increases for Party Members attacking the same target.
Required Points: 1

Fortunate Drop

Increases the chance of Masquerpets dropping unique items.
Required Points: 5


Party Members recover 1.5 times faster. If the Party Leader is an Assist, Party Members recover 1.8 times faster.
Required Points: 2

Treasure Hunter (Previously known as gift box)

Increases the amount of items dropped by Masquerpets.
Required Points: 8