Pets are companions that follow a player and help them in certain ways.

Cash Shop Pets Edit

These pets are purchased from the Cash Stop using gPots. Their main utility is to pick up drops from defeated monsters.

The Cash Shop pets so far are:

  • Baby Lawolf
  • Baby Aibatt
  • Baby Leyena
  • Baby Luia
  • Kitty
  • Baby Cobra
  • Baby Iguana
  • Maid Cardpuppet
  • Baby Mia
  • Doggy
  • Soccerball Angel
  • Baby Cobra
  • Baby Penguin
  • Cute Hamburger
  • Baby Beagle
  • Baby Rabit
  • Baby Pig
  • Baby Cow
  • Baby Dragon
  • Baby Hamster
  • Baby Turtle
  • Baby Black Dragon
  • Baby Polar Bear
  • Baby Yetti
  • Baby Monkey
  • Brave Tiger

V9 Pets Edit

In V9, Flyff implemented a new pet system. These pets are hatched from eggs found in game as monster drops once a player reaches level 20. These pets will aid players by providing boosts to certain stats. They have a HP bar, which will decrease when the pet is out, so it must be fed with special pet feed to keep it alive. There are 5 different levels a pet can reach, beginning with D, C, B, A, and ending with S as its final and most powerful stage. The pets gain experience for every minute they are out; once their experience reaches 99.99%, the Pet Tamer will upgrade them to a new level. With each level, the pet will gain a random number determining its stats- for example, an S level tiger with the stats 1/1/3/2/3 would give 12 STR to its master, while one with 1/3/4/5/7 would give 55. There is no way to determine what levels your pet will end up with, although lower statted pets are far more plentiful. Each pet hatches at level D with 1 as its stat. There are two cash shop items out that allow you to (randomly) change your pets stats after level B- Blessing of the Pet Tamer changes its stats from Level B on, and Chance of the Pet Tamer takes your pet back to 99.99% of the previous level and allows you to get a new stat for one level only. Once pets reach S class, they no longer receive experience.

Pets also go through 3 different stages of appearance. They remain the same during levels D and C, look slightly different for B-A, and at level S they change dramatically and receive a new name with the title of Captain.

The V9 pets are:

  • 'heir'-->[Captain]Behemoth: Increases STR
  • Lion-->[Captain]Hellion: Increases STA
  • Rabbit-->[Captain]Jackalope: Increases DEX
  • Fox-->[Captain]Reinecke: Increases INT
  • Dragon-->[Captain]Bahamut: Increases Attack
  • Griffin-->[Captain]Hippogriph: Increases Defense
  • Unicorn-->[Captain]Nightmare: Increases HP

Note that, in order to get a pet from an egg, you'll have to do a quest to hatch it.

The quest for hatching an egg requires that the Egg be fed 50,000 Pet Feed, and then brought to a Pet Tamer, where it will hatch into a random pet with a stat value of +1, 91 HP or 5 Attack depending on the Pet. CashShop items can be used to try and get a new pet breed or new stat value.