A Psykeeper.

Psykeeper is one of the two jobs available to a Magician, the other being Elementor.

Psykeepers are the masters of hexes. They have access to forbidden arts that can damage monsters from the inside out, link their own minds with their antagonists to share the pain from attacks, or to create barriers to ward off oncoming foes. All their spells are non-elemental and can only be cast using a wand. Two of their most notable spells are the Crucio Spell, a self-buff which reflects damage taken, and Satanology, which prevents an enemy from moving for its duration. Psykeepers are known for their ability to float.

Gala-Net's official description of Psykeepers is as follows:

"One of the two Magician second classes. Masters of the arcane, a Psykeeper's magic tends to revolve around mental powers. Drawing on the surrounding demonic forces of the universe, Psykeepers use the evilness of their opponent against them. The variety of non-elemental spells within a Psykeeper's arsenal makes them effective at various types of gameplay. Psykeepers are also one of the few classes that can use Shields for an extra defense boost."


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Psykeepers tend to use only a select few of the spells in their arsenal depending on their build. Nearly all Psykeepers will keep the self-buff Crucio cast at all times due to the fact that it passively deals damage to the opponent, and some Psykeepers use Crucio as their main source of damage. Psykeepers often make use of Satanology to stop an opponent if necessary. One of their most feared spells is Spirit Bomb, known for its high damage, and is arguably one of the most powerful skills in the game behind Asalraalaikum and Penya Strike.

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