Male Vagrant

A male Vagrant.


A Vagrant is the starting job class you will initially play as when you join the world of FlyFF. It is the starting point of the game, and as a Vagrant you will primarily focus on learning how to play the game.

You will start out with basic equipment, and learn basic fighting skills as you gain experience points through fighting monsters.

You will be able to job change to a more specific and advanced first job class upon reaching level 15. You will be able to fly after you reach level 20, and purchase a flying board or broom.

Before then, you do not need to worry about where to distribute your status points as there will be a stat reset after you change your job to the first job class. Generally, you may want to distribute all your points to strength in order to kill monsters more quickly, and for all purposes, Intelligence (INT) is useless as a Vagrant.

The job classes you are able to change into after reaching level 15 are Acrobat, Mercenary, Magician, and Assist. After which you will also learn specific skills selective to the job class you have chosen. Depending on what you prefer, you may want to be up there in the action as a Mercenary, dishing out major damage from the back as a Magician, darting about and confusing the enemy as an Acrobat, or supporting your friends with healing and buffing spells as an Assist.

  • Note: It is generally preferred by players to not use the skill point reset you get at level 15 after the jobchange, most people dont even bother to get up the vagrant skills as they end up to be a waste of time, you do NOT get another skill reset at level 60!


Skill Name
Clean Hit
Character Level 3
A clean hit that strikes for extra damage.
Character level 5
Clean Hit level 3
Stabs enemy with a flurry of thrusts.
Over Cutter
Character level 10
Flurry Level 3
A strong finishing uppercut.

Begginer Job
First Jobs
Assist | Mercenary | Magician | Acrobat
Second Jobs
Ringmaster | Billposter | Blade | Knight | Elementor | Psykeeper | Jester | Ranger
Third Jobs
Seraph | Force Master | Slayer | Templar | Arcanist | Mentalist | Harlequin | Crackshooter
Unrealeased Jobs
Doppleganger | Puppeteer | Gatekeeper