A Wand is a weapon used by Magicians, Psykeepers, and (although they cannot cast any of their spells with it) Elementors. Wands deal less damage then staves, but only require one hand, allowing wand-users to hold a shield in their other hand.

Contrary to the Staff's melee combat, wands have a very unique attack: they strike with a bolt of energy, which can be charged up over time for greater power. This attack acts almost like a very weak spell that costs no MP. It is not uncommon to see an AoE Psykeeper use their wand to gather mobs instead of using a spell.

Wands are the only weapon that can do a ranged attack in flying combat, making them very useful there; although they do a much smaller amount of damage than other classes in midair.

Rare Wands:

Lightened Wand (lvl 15)

Wand of Earthquake (lvl 30)

Branch of Rhisis (lvl 45)

Guardian Wand (lvl 60)

Historic Wand (lvl 75)

Angel Wand (lvl 90)

Legendary Golden Wand (lvl 105)

Bloody Wand (lvl 120)