A Weapon is a type of item that can be equipped and used to attack monsters and in certain situations, other players. One handed weapons can be used with a shield, and two handed weapons cannot be used with a shield.

Vagrants, similar to Mercenaries, use one-handed swords or axes with a shield.

Mercenaries, Knights, and Blades use swords and axes. Mercenaries use one-handed swords or axes. Knights use Two Handed Swords or Axes. Blades use two swords or axes, or even one of each.

Assists, Billposters, and Ringmasters use Sticks and Knuckles.

Magicians, Elementors, and Psykeepers use wands and staves to aid them in casting spells. Psykeeper skills require a wand, Elementor skills require a staff, and Magicians are free to choose.

Acrobats, Rangers, and Jesters use either Bows or Yoyos. Rangers use bows and Jesters primarily use Yoyos but some (known as Bow Jesters) use bows.

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